Monday, February 14, 2011

A Practice in Coming up with Fancy Names for Simple Concepts

Sorry folks, nothing particularly brow-raising or feather ruffling for this week's post (not that these have ever in any way been weekly publications, there's always been a nagging intention...).

Today I would like to share with you a practice of mine. A tool that helps me very much so in understanding how I really read scripture, what I get from it, and at the same time encourages my mind to chew, digest, and grow from what I am presented with.

Eeehh, I suppose this practice should have a name. A mental index card to add to... er... we'll call it autotranslation. Sounds academic enough to be real. Excellent.

Autotranslation is a process that begins with the reading of a passage. (I like to stick with the Psalms right now for this, because it feels slightly less heretical and a bit more poetic...let me know about your own expeeriences). Pray about it... read it out loud. Read it again. What words stick out to you? What meanings stick out?

Now, for the fun part:
Write it yourself.

Seriously. How is your mind processing those squiggles and blocks on the page? What other words come to mind or you feel should be there based on your own understanding of scripture? Is there a better way in your own language of saying something again based on your own understanding of yourself? If this passage was written by you for you, how would it go? What would it say just to you?...

Psalm 1: Alexander Translation

Worthy to be praised and of great respect
is the man who's life, guiding principles, and sources
of renewal are contrary to those who do not
know any better, yet blindly pressure you to act as
they: founded in sin and ignorance.

His Base motivation, his wellspring of life and
joy come from an understanding of God's Truth.
(His life is ordered by Godly wisdom)

And as a tree planted by the water, he and all
he does will be filled with vitality and
fruit which is plain to see. The prosperities of his
energy will be for all to recognize and enjoy
and will be unaffected by seasonal disruption.

Unlike those who seek out the heart of God,
the spiritually iggnorent will make no lasting contribution
to human society.

That being said, neither the truely evil nor the
fool will find acquittal before God when all
our actions are accounted for.

For only those whose primary disposition is
parallel with the will of Christ will abide with
Him, while the will of the foolish can find
no other end yet oblivion.

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