Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finding purposeful Purpose

Recently, I found myself in attendance to a Leadership camp of sorts, a provided feature of my church to it's college students who have committed to greater responsibility within their immediate community. As far as camps goes, there was nothing unexpected (except the quality of food, which far surpassed anything I thought possible from a retreat centre). Ultimate Frisbee (which has somehow become somewhat of an icon for Christian College men), about 4 girls to every 1 guy, plenty of, and of course Spiritual reflection.

During a period of this reflection time, we were given paper with specific questions to ponder deeply about and to write the outpourings of one's soul upon...even though, realistically 90 percent of these sheets have by now been either tossed, recycled (we are from Seattle, afterall), or forgotten between pages of the Bible.

Regardless, One of these questions regarded "Our Purpose" and, more specifically,

"What big thing do I think God will be accomplishing through me this next week/month/year."

What a pretentious question! As we were so informed, this also happens to be one of the top questions Christians in America are asking their selves. This of course, led me on a bit of a rant on my laptop. The following is an excerpt of stated rant (spelling left intact for historical accuracy):

What a total BS question! I mean, how on earth are we supposed to even kid ourselves that we could answer that! There are so many subtle things happening at every moment, God-direcctted and planed surely, thhat there is no way we could ever truely know the full impact of our day-to-day actions. And I firmly beleve that it is in these day-to-day actions that we really find the purposse that God has put us on this Earth for.

People, it seems, continue to be asking them self the wrong questions, stressing needlessly about "what God wants them to do" or "what is God using me for?" Those questions miss the point, they skip to the end while missing everything in between. We're here to share the Love of Christ, to bring others into this wonderful community that He has provided the framework for. To point the way to saving grace. Most any other specific thing is inconsequential to that.

Should I be a lawyer or an epidemiologist? Sell groceries or work for my church? Certainly, there may be "callings" folk will have. God may reach down and nudge your heart...but for the most part, don't sweat it. What you are doing right now is important and meaningful whether or not you can tell. To borrow from a completely over-rated and over-used cliche, "a thread in the tapestry."

He, God the Father, Savior of the World, knows what's going on. That's what's important.

** Note, this is assuming that while you may be doing something seemingly inconsequential to the ends of Eternity, what you are doing in that is living a life reflective of the characteristics of Christ.